We are a nonprofit, charitable organization that funds and operates a Pennsylvania state park–without financial support from the state–and adjoining land that we own.

All donations received go directly to support our mission.

We provide environmental, historical, and recreational programs.

We maintain nearly 15 miles of hiking trails, 13 buildings (some historic), rustic campgrounds, and a wide range of habitats, including an old-growth hemlock forest, a rocky, post-glacial gorge cut through by three waterfalls, mixed hardwood forests, grasslands, streams and wetlands, and meadows in various stages of growth.

We get no state funds. Grants do not cover operating expenses. We cannot charge entrance or parking fees, and the few dollars we get from program fees do not cover program costs.

These are but a few examples of your donations at work:

$100—one picnic grill or campground fire ring

$250—food and water for volunteers on two April workdays

$500—tractor maintenance and fuel to cut grass for one summer

$2,500—75% of annual fundraiser (Celebration) expenses

$5,000—80% of yearly Wheaton House heat and electricity